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the drinks we drank last night [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Nov 2007|06:06pm]
I HATE UNIVERISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fuck it, fuck it all.
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[07 Apr 2005|09:23pm]
oh by the way
my new hair, just a trim really..but it always looks good when she straightens it
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[20 Feb 2005|08:20pm]
oh good god, my throat is pain
i swear if i cough anymore, my insides will be thrown out.
i sound like i have a fucking smokers cough

tomorrow is landan baybeee.
early rise tomorrow. guh
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[18 Feb 2005|11:51pm]
ill. ew
i dont want to go out tomorrow...we'll see how i feel then
i sprayed santizer accidently in my eye yesterday...it was sore and was bloodshot for hours after that. duh
london on monday. boomf whey
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[03 Feb 2005|08:37pm]
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[03 Feb 2005|08:06pm]
so first of all tracie took an overdose, like what?

second of all, i shall most probably be in london, camden to be precise on the 22nd february, but for one NIGHT and one night only. innit?

third of all, ehlis birthday tommorow, i got her some ammereto..yums and shall be making her a cd and made her a cake and me and mase have put together a group of us to go for a meal, get drunk and then to the music pub quiz for FUNS and stuff.

i have photos by the by....thought you might like a little looky...and like usual, crappy condition
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im supposed to have my film done by this time next week, and evertyime we think we have it all done, we remember bits that we have forgotten to film! GAH
and answer me this? do i go to the nicer uni, which costs more, but i like it because its pretty
or do i go to the one that isnt so nice but costs much less>
nah, im still going to one which is prettier...i know thats stupid, but i like pretty places....dont want to go to one which is in a shithole!
im going to watch kids now...ciao
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[27 Jan 2005|01:31pm]
and we are off to swansea in 2 hours
well, if we can find our way to this place.
alot of money for a busted rip off huh>?
30 down the drain.

dont know if i have mentioned this and i dont know why i am but it amused me for ages when it happened
the other night chris rang me, he was in plymouth drunk and was asking me to come into plymouth..this was at like midnight and im with ehli and so i was like "ok sure i will" fully knowing that i have no intention to what so ever and so he rang me 20 mintues later telling me where to meet him and everything and sounded extremely enthusiastic about it. i never went, but oh for that hour i was bloody amused.

time to do my hair.
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[26 Jan 2005|10:43am]
well well well
stock take was on sunday and was cold. as i lost my top and had to wear just a tshirt and was in the frozen isle.
all the managers know me now, even if some probably hate my guts. oh well haha
tracie came round mine until 3am afterwards even if i did have an exam the next day.
cut to 9am the next morning and i am in my english lit exam and my god i was so tired and so ill and wrote alot of crap which made no sense. went home afterwards and felt ill, went to work at 4 and puked, so they decided it was best i went home.
i lost my swipe card and locker key. dammit
i feel ill today but thought i might as well go into school as i wont be at some lessons on friday either seeming as i will no doubt get home at like 4am from swansea. hah roosters going to be funny, however i have no idea where escape is...
oh and now mason is making me go to see the haunted with her for fun, they scare the living daylights out of me, RAAAARRR...eh
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the photos. [19 Feb 2004|08:41pm]

sex on legs. RAWR. husband number 1.

the bit on the side.

[hahah i wish]
:::my photos:::
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in other news..bad luck striked in my day...i have a bruised neck. found out no one else is working on sunday and im working with scary people whom ive never met before. to top it off...i dropped my watch in the toilet and had to fish it out with my bear hands, thankgod i hadnt gone to the loo beforehand
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[14 Dec 2003|04:25pm]
my god and i missed it dammit!!!!!
but laura saw me, yay that has made me happy.
so, the premiere was a record of 10,000 people turning up to stand outside. and i was one of them!!!

work was busy busy busy i tell you. i had difficult people, but i got one over on them. i managed to get off at 3:10 otherwise i would miss me BOOS.
saw el in town and we went to get me a ruler. i came out with a disney princess pencil,ruler,rubber and sharpener set, with free stickers might i add. and i also bought a return of the king poster. i wanted the orlando one..but everyone bought it. i also saw another hot orlando poster, but that was sold out as well. grrrr
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SEE? [17 Aug 2003|10:51pm]
[ mood | worried ]

this is what happens when you look foward to things...they go wrong. already russell and sam have pulled out, it woul of made things a little better knowing that they were coming, because now....we are stuck with tim, and if anything happens...tim cant do fuck all hahaha weakling boy.

oh by the way i have a friendster account. rad, now if only i knew what the point in one is??

i have also decided to start pronouncing my "T"s properly,so i dont sound common, i now sound so so posh, its great.

now i have to find a sleeping bag and do the rest of my packing, i have made my sandwiches and so forth, i feel so haha i dont know, organised!

up at 8am tomorrow, ahhhhh.....but at least we have swimming, surfing and drinking in order for tomorrow

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dance with me bitch [14 Jul 2003|07:28pm]
Ooh my little pretty one, pretty one.
When you gonna give me some time, Sharona?
Ooh you make my motor run, my motor run.
Gun it comin' off the line Sharona
Never gonna stop, give it up.
Such a dirty mind. Always get it up for the touch
of the younger kind. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Sharona...

Come a little closer huh, ah will ya huh.
Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona.
Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Running down the length of my thighs, Sharona
Never gonna stop, give it up. Such a dirty mind.
Always get it up for the touch
of the younger kind. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Sharona...

When you gonna give it to me, give it to me.
It is just a matter of time Sharona
Is it just destiny, destiny?
Or is it just a game in my mind, Sharona?
Never gonna stop, give it up.
Such a dirty mind. Always get it up for the touch
of the younger kind. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Sharona...

this is one of the best songs EVER!
yael and alex know where its at
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[11 Jul 2003|08:31pm]

that is.....
top left....ehli, below = me, below me is el, in the midle is tim the pimp and right is pete

hahahah good times :p
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[27 Jun 2003|11:48pm]

my name is jayme, im a catalogue model!

haha yeah this is what boredom leads to!
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[27 Jun 2003|11:36pm]
You're Rainbow Brite!

What 80's Cartoon Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

oh and more catalogue poses to come....gems knows i have more
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im stealing everything from lou *giggles* [24 Jun 2003|08:40pm]
Happy Deathday!
Your name:jiperoo
You will die on:Thursday, January 8, 2037
You will die of:Blood Clot
Created by Quill
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[24 Jun 2003|04:21pm]
1.) What's your full name? jayme

2.) When were you born? 6th july 1986

3.) Do you read your horoscope? sometimes. not that its true

4.) Who's your best friend? ehli, zoey, will, el

5.) Who do u like? mr dave

6.) Have u ever been in luv? ooh luv, arent you modern. mean love? maybe...dunno. hmm

7.) Whats your favorite color? pink, if the mood is right

8.) Do u enjoy school? it can be fun sometimes

9.) How do u prefer to spend your weekends? something. i hate being bored

10.) Whats your fav movie? hmmm. lord of the rings:fotr, 28 days later

11.) Whats your fav song? i have many

12.) Whats your fav drink? not bothered

13.) In one word, how would u describe your family life? a bitch

14.) Whos the nicest person u know? will

15.) Describe what you live for in 4 words. i live for dunno

16.) What do you desire most? i have no idea chump

17.) Whats your fav. food? anything healthy. well it aint my fave, but oh well

18.) Who are your role models? shut up

19.) Who in your life do u admire? i admire.....the people who are worth admiring

20.) Do u believe in god? nope

21.) Whats your fav. tv show? one on one, that 70's show, my wife and kids

22.) Whats the worst name you've ever been called? many. i dont listen to them anymore. because..PATHETIC PATHETIC PEOPLE

23.) Is your reputation who you really are? no it isnt. twats

24.) What do u want to be when you grow up? i dunno, i change my mind all the time

25.) What age do you want to marry at? i dont wanna get married

26.) What will your kids names be? girls: skylar, echo. boys: kai, keagan

27.) What city do u want to live in when u grow up? a sunny city. somewhere FAR away from here. i will live in new zealand or america when im older

28.) What type of house do u want to live in when you grow up? a big one

29.) Whats your fav.season? summmmmmmer

30.) Whats your favorite holiday? i guess christmas. but its not as if i look foward to these things anymore

31.) What do u think about valentines day? i hate it

32.) Whats your favorite holiday treat? sleep

33.)Whats your favorite day of the week? friday or saturday

34.)How would you desribe your style? me

35.)What are some of your fears? spiders, heights, snakes, peas

36.) Do you think of the future often? no. hmm sometimes. its too scary

37.) Do you have a job? what is it? not at the moment. but i could have one next week at devon tors

38.) Who was your last crush? the one before this one? hmm im not sure. i think it was nathan....nooooooooooooooo

39.) Who did u like in grade 5, 8 & 9? aaaaahahahahaha what the hell?

40.) Whats your ideal guy/girl? who cares? im not fussy

41.) Do you think of yourself as romantic? haha not at all

42.) What are the most important personality traits? nice, funny, decent

43.) If you could have another name, what would it be? echo. its such a cute name

44.) What do u want to do over summer holidays? what im gonna be doing

45.) Who do you regret ever meeting? nathan

46.) What do you regret not doing? ive done everything ive had a chance to do

47.) Do you have h/w u should be doing now? no

48.)What time do you usually go to bed at? when im tired

49.) If you could apologize to one person, who would it be? i dunno, anyone ive been a cunt to who didnt deserve it

50.) Who off the tv show friends are you most like? i dunno. not monica. a mix of racheal and pheobe

51.) Do you watch dawsons creek? hahaah yes =(

52.)Do u like squash? the game? never played it chuck

53.) Do u often do things you regret? when im drunk...baaaaaah

54.) If you could would you go on temptation island? dunno...ok yeah

55.) what are you thinking right now? i hate you

56.) Who do you really miss? hmmm...my nan and grandad. paul. zoey

hmm ive just realised its just over a week until my birthday! how fun
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[08 Jun 2003|08:20pm]
visablexxxnoise 91%
hflirtz2u2 90%
x_allstarme_x 88%
king_gitface 87%
bungeyjump 80%
loubedoobe 80%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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over....done and done....fanito [13 May 2003|04:39pm]
media studies that is
done ok,....well at least i think i did

me, el, becky, nicky, rachel and jabbott went to safeways for sandwiches and yum.

i dont really have anything to say today

except for happy bday D, have a goodun! :D
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BOOOOOOOOSH [17 Apr 2003|05:31pm]

Which PPG are you?

check me...im blossom!
i always knew it
im just TOO kool for you guys :p
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